Friendship, Insecurities, My Favorites, Poems

The Golden Flower

The flower
In the flower patch
Is different.

It lies
Golden yellow
In a sea of blue.

It has no one,
No one to compare to,
And it feels

The others,
The sea of blue,
Is one.
They decide.
They mock
The poor golden flower.

The young boy
In the schoolhouse
Is different.

He is peaceful
In a sea of chaos.

The boy goes out,
Out to the flower patch,

One by one
He pulls
Every blue flower
As golden one
Watches in horror.

Across the flower patch
He sees a girl
A girl who’s peaceful.

He takes the sea,
The sea of blue flowers,
To her,
And together
They walk into
The sunset.

The golden flower
No longer looks
At the peaceful
Boy and girl,
As the sea of blue
Is now gone,

Another golden flower.

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